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Name: Ramas

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Race: Dwarf

Occupations/Titles: Merchant/Dwarven Noble

Class: Warrior/Berserker

Relationships: Dora (in love)

Romanceable by: None

Interests/Hobbies: Finding out as much as he can about Dora, has a love of battle,


Ramas is besotted with Dora from the first time he lays eyes on her.

Unlike other Dwarves, Ramas has a utilitarian view of his weapons. He can't be too sentimental about a weapon (his axe), which isn't whole (it is missing a gem).

Ramas has mines, hating their cold and smell. He would rather have his feet on the surface.

Ramas is fond of drinking, especially dwarven mead.

Ramas favorite weapon to fight with is an axe.


Ramas' home is Hammerhands, capital of the Dwarven Lands.

When first encountered, Ramas is a merchant out traveling the lands. He has a large stock of mead and weapons.

Ramas is much older than he looks, but this isn't too surprising as dwarves do have a long life span.

Ramas has an impressive number of kills to his record, even among Elves, humans, but mostly Orcs.

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