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General Samael
One of the two commanding generals in the Empire of Man, Samael is the ranking general. Technically answerable to the Council in Grimoire, he wields enough military power to sway the course of his nation. Samael also feels the Empire of Man is the strongest nation of all, and doesn't need the help/aid of others.

Samael holds little respect for anyone not of the Empire. As such, even though he recognizes the prowess of the Amazons, he has disdain for the female warriors.

Even with fellow humans, Samael has little patience with wizards and politicians. He only respects strength, and as such, of everyone in the party, holds Amukiki in the highest regard.

Samael had fought against Fost in The Old War. Samael is very confident, but this is also a weakness as it may blind him to reality.

Samael resides in Lothark at the start of Chapter 2.

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