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Scouts are the closest Thief specialization to Warriors. Scouts engage in close range combat, preferably with a spear which still affords them some distance. They also have a good range of skills for damaging a single for, or striking multiple opponents.

With sufficient training, Scouts may learn the following:

  • Leg Break (Damages the opponent, and has a chance of Slowing them down.)
  • Death Blow (Hits a Burned, Frozen, Tired, Shattered, or Poisoned target for even more damage.)
  • Focus Target (The Scout focuses on one opponent, and increases the amount of damage inflict on their foe.)
  • Whirlwind (Hits multiple targets in the same row, and has a chance of Weakening them.)
  • Strike Through (Damages an opponent, and any other directly behind the target. It has a chance of Scaring them)

[edit] Prominent Scouts


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