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Name: Shea

Hair: White

Eyes: Light Blue

Classes: Ranger, Hunter or Druid

Relationships: Althea (sister)

Romanceable by: Krimm or Riley




[edit] History:

Shea was born in the village of Ninim. Althea is his twin brother, while Morran is their father.

[edit] Background Choices

As one of two main characters, Shea's history is more malleable than other established characters. At the start of the game, you are presented with an event, and one of three choices of how the character responds. This choice which will gain a trait (and a permanent bonus) to the character. It also appears that the appearance of the background event may be random.

Determined Boy

Shea was a rather determined, some might say stubborn, boy at a young age, and this got him in a lot of trouble. Most of the time his training kept him safe, but this worried his father nonetheless. He warned Shea that one day his luck would run out, and then he would find out what he was truly made of. One day, Morran's words came true. One special day, Shea's life was truly in danger for the first time, and that was the day when he:

  • A fire broke out in the forest, and Shea had to jump through the flames to survive. Shea emerges unscathed, and has an innate resistance to elemental conditions. (5% resistance to Elemental conditions such as burning, frozen, tired, shattered, poisoned)
  • Shea and his sister came face to face with a goblins, and he had to fight them barehanded. Shea is victorious, and has a resistance to body and mind conditions (5% resistance to Physical conditions such as paralyzed, weakened, slowed, scared, confused)
  • The family's food ran out during a blizzard, and Shea helped his father hunt for food. Shea managed to find enough food with his skills, and they survived, and he grew hardier as a result (Hit Point Regeneration increased).

Berry Picking

One day as a child, Shea was out picking berries when he saw a poisonous wooly snake. he knew that one bite could be fatal, so he kept his cool, and:

  • Caught the snake by the neck, and threw it back into the woods. This is how Shea learned he had a talent for finding the right spot to attack. (The chance for Critical Hits is improved)
  • Evaded the snake's bite, and quickly runs back to the safety of the hut. This just proved Shea was quicker and more nimble than othiss. (Agility is improved)
  • Stayed perfectly still, and stared down the snake until it slithised away. This demonstrated Shea's amount of self-control, and determination. (Will is improved)

Competitive Streak

As a young boy, Shea was always competitive. He wanted to be stronger, faster, and better than anyone else. His favorite exercise was:

  • Running through the forest for hours until he almost collapsed, and then run 2 more minutes the next day. The results made Shea capable of enduring more hardships than others. (Endurance is improved)
  • Climbed a tree to do pull-ups on a branch until he almost fell off. Shea grew stronger in his upper body. (Strength is improved).
  • Put up small wooden targets, and then try to hit them while blindfolded. Shea grew aware of his surroundings, his reach, and the way he moved. (Skill is improved)

First Travel

On his 13th birthday, Shea's father allowed him to travel to Ninim for the first time on his own. Shea came upon wagon with a broken wheel, owned by a traveling enchanter from Grimoire. The enchanter was pleased to see Shea, and said he needed help to fix his wagon, but didn't dare to leave it behind due to the valuables it held. Shea soon returned with craftsmen which fixed the wagon, and the enchanter had a gift for Shea:

  • The enchanter gave Shea a spellbook so he could study the magical arts as well. Shea learned much about spellcasting, and was more advanced than others their own age. (Arcane is Improved)
  • The enchanter put his hand on his foreShead, and cast a spell to unlock Shea's full potential. Shea found he could push himself harder. (HP/SP are increased)
  • The enchanter gave Shea a vial of Distilled Light, a potion said to enlighten you. Drinking it, Shea felt the power of light spread inside his, and he could always think with a clear Shead. (Skill/Stamina Point regeneration increased)
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