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Goddess of Elves

The elves believe that all of nature is a single living entity, and Shurji is the embodiment of nature. She resides in all of nature that has been untouched by man. The elves believe that by performing rituals in the heart of the forests, they are able to communicate with her and seek her help.

What Shurji is most concerned with is to preserve the natural world, which she believes is the center of balance in the world. Although she is known for her kindness, she is a fierce protector of what she believes in and will not hesitate to take care of threats in whatever way is necessary.

Those who pray to Shurji do so because they gain a sense of peace, balance, and well-being. She blesses anyone who is a friend to nature, whether they are elf, human, or dwarf. Her powers manifest in order to defend, preserve, or restore, but during times of war, such as the Five Hundred Years War between humans and elves, she has been known to use her power to destroy.

Her enemy is Morax, the Goddess of Demons.

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