Snow Orcs

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Snow Orc Warrior

[edit] Biology

Snow orcs are related to the orcs of the plains. However, they live in mountains and arctic regions, thriving in the cold.

When compared to their green-skinned cousins, snow orcs are white-skinned, larger, stronger, and hardier.

In Aravorn, they may be found in the region around Mount Kronos.

Snow orcs are able to easily burrow into the snow, and erupt in surprise to ambush their prey.

[edit] Society

While not detailed, it is easy to assume they have a society similar to that of orcs. It is likely they take up shelter within caves they find in their terrain.

Snow orcs tend to use loud, haunting calls to inspire fear in their prey.

The majority of snow orcs encountered are warriors, but they also have healers as well.

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