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Strak’usbri The Dead God of Portals

Master of the Veil. Strak’usbri is a god whose domain is protection of the earthly realm. His task is to keep the Underrealm separate from the Earth realm. Most believe this god to be dead. Whether he was dead from the start of his deification, or lost life during the War of Fallen Kingdoms is unclear.

In life, Strak’usbri was just a simple gate guard. He was tasked with defending the non-combatants of his kingdom during the last siege by demons. The Demons were breaking down the door and he called to the gods to give him the strength to hold the door, to hold the demons at bay. His prayers were answered, but too late. He was already stabbed lethally and was bleeding out. And so he watched the demons slaughter his protectorate, knowing that he could have held the door forever now. His fury caused his domain to expand to the whole of Aravorn. The fact that portals can be opened points toward Strak’usbri being dead. But his worshippers can sense any extra-dimensional beings present on Aravorn. A power they attribute to his worship. They can even sense the difference between different beings; a demon feels different to a death-knight, for example. However Strak’usbri was worshipped at his inception is unknown now. It’s said that the first high-priest received a vision of himself holding a door against an unstoppable tide. That he saw the hand of the god helping him hold it. Whether the rituals held now reflect some part of that initial vision are unknown. Today the rituals around Strak’usbri’s worship consists of burning offerings, whilst ceremonially closing doors around the altar. The offerings are usually things that would be useful to the deity: metals for reinforcing a door, bandages, wooden cross bars, etc.

Strak’usbri’s temple is lost and forgotten, his flock rather small. Those present dedicate themselves to finding people who have come through the doors and banishing them back, sealing doors that have been opened.

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