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"Tayrion is the God of Justice, usually depicted as a warrior in heavy armour, carrying a shield and mace. He is the God of the Orders of Paladins."

While Tayrion's worshippers span across all warrior classes, his largest following is the Paladins. This is because Tayrion only uses Life Magic, especially in regards to healing and resurrecting, and despises other forms of magic.

As long as one is pure of heart, Tayrion will come to one's aid. However, if a person has committed a crime in the past, Tayrion will refuse to help unless that person swears to become a Paladin and true follower of Tayrion.

That is how Tayrion gains most of his followers—they are people who were on the brink of death and promised to become a Paladin follower in order to be saved. But once saved, they fear his mercy rather than treasure it, for in order to stay a true believer they are not allowed to worship any other god. If multi-worshipping is discovered, Tayrion classifies that person as a fallen Paladin—the greatest enemy of Tayrion—and will send his followers to hunt them down.

Although Tayrion is a demanding and unforgiving God, he takes great care of his true worshippers. But to those who oppose him or worship Morax and the side of evil, he is ruthless.

It is of no surprise that Tayrion considers all other Gods to be his rival, although he does not necessarily consider them to be enemies—with the exception of demonic Gods, such as Morax, or those who preach against justice and righteousness.

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