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Name: Thalia

Hair: Brown-Yellow

Eyes: Brownish-Yellow

Classes: Thief

Relationships: Joanne (Older Sister), Kira (Older Sister), Arianna (Mother), Lysander (Father)

Race Human


Thalia is the youngest and more rebellious of the Queen of Thieves’ children. She is short, scrawny and not particularly strong but she has been blessed with great agility. Throughout her life, she has used that skill to great effect to play pranks on her older siblings and overall make a nuisance of herself. She was the first to leave the family home at the age of fifteen and seek out a ‘better life’. Soon after, Thalia found herself working as an acrobat in a troupe of traveling performers. She was very good at it and soon found herself performing in front of many rich and powerful people throughout the world.

Her travels brought her into contact with many people and she found all of them interesting. As part of her exploration, she found making love to those new attractive people she met was the best way to get to know them. She slept with men and women of all shapes and sizes. Species was little barrier to her nor was social class. A performing acrobat was quite attractive to jaded nobles and she was more than happy to oblige their curiosity with her own desire for exploration.

There is little Thalia does not like about herself. She loves her body and loves how easy it is to get people to do what she wants. Discretion is not in her vocabulary and she has a habit of offending as many people as she delights because of her extremely plainspoken nature. Her boldness greatly upsets her oldest sibling and subsequently she often gets into arguments with Joanne over just about anything. When she gets into fights of any kind, Thalia’s usual tactic is to go for the most vulnerable area and attack it over and over again until her opponent yields. In the case of her sister, it is constant teasing that Joanne remains a virgin at thirty years of age. On the other hand, she does get very angry if she is ever accused of being some kind of whore because of her sexual exploits. She does not consider herself easy and hates that her sister accuses of her of such. The fact she is so cruel in return feels justified because of that.

Unusual in this day and age, Thalia is an avowed atheist. She refutes the existence of divine beings and will openly argue with those who do. She thinks priests exist only to extort money of others and that temples are just expensive status symbols designed to show off how much money a particularly religious order has. When pushed, she will accept powerful magical beings could exist but they cannot be gods since they clearly do not see and hear all like the priests claim.

When it comes to her mother, Thalia remembers little about her but that does not make her any less determined than her sisters to free her. Being such a lover of traveling, it horrifies her to think her own mother has been trapped in one place for twenty years and so she wants to free her to give her the chance to see the world just like the young acrobat has.

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