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[edit] Events Year by Year

  • Pre-Old Age – The time before the Death Knights, when the Gods ruled supreme. They created a world similar to the current one, but with barbaric culture barely resembling the modern one.
  • 99 – Dark elves are born. At the same time, the Blood Realm is discovered by a group of powerful mages.
  • 250 to 300 –A group of elves starts the excavation of The Golden Orb, an artifact that could help them win the battle against humans
  • 301 – Because of the excavation, an ancient tomb is opened, freeing Mother Morte and her army of undeads. The elves manage to defeat her but not kill her. She hides somewhere in the underground.
  • 633 –The young daughter of a noble family of Lothark goes missing. Suspicious activities in town, vampires are suspected but investigations are unsuccessful.
  • 640 –For the first time in Aravorn history, a marriage between a Nomad and an elf from Triberg is arranged. However, things don't go as planned... [TBA]
  • 672 –Big changes in the town of Dingirra. The Four Families and Grand Mogul Rafik lose control of the city. Related game: TBA
  • 674 –The demons, this time led by Jul, are on the offensive again. Jul gets captured easily by the Amazons who keep her in the Citadel dungeon to interrogate her... Loren The Amazon Princess 2 – part one
  • 676 –Civil unrest and power-hungry wizards cause the Empire Of Man to be split into regions and city-states. What once was a united empire, now lies shattered in various pieces. Loren The Amazon Princess 2 – part two
  • 677 –In the town of Ahkra, three sisters challenge the evil landlord Raul to free their mother, the infamous Queen Of Thieves. Related game: Queen Of Thieves
  • 760 –In the far away town of Triberg, southern Issanis, a young girl becomes famous for her skills in various fields Ruko, Trixi, Hellen. Related game: Spirited Heart
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