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Goddess of Humans

Among all of the Gods worshipped by humans, Torza is the Goddess who is most revered and provides inspiration, guidance, and motivation to everyone who comes to her. One theory of her popularity among the humans is that she grants all these gifts to mankind without asking for a sacrifice. Other races attribute the human ability to quickly advance in skills and magic to Torza and her guidance.

Although Torza is kind and nurturing, she still believes one should work for one’s results. Torza grants her power to those who strive to gain inner strength and knowledge. Her gifts help to make one a better person by opening one’s mind to new skills and experiences. When she appears, she will provide encouragement and motivation in order for her subject to grant his wish on his own.

Of course, Torza is much more powerful than what she chooses to show to her subjects, but she reserves her stronger gifts for a very select few who she deems are worthy.

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