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Dark Magic

As already seen in Loren The Amazon Princess game, followers of the Dark Magic (for example Chambara or Grob) are able to teleport themselves to far distances, albeit teleporting from a continent to another is a much difficult task because of the frequent storm on the sea between the two continents that interferes with the magic, so that requires an accurate preparation and only the most skilled in Dark Magic are able to do that.

Magic Portals

The population of Dingirra has learned to use magic portals, which lets them travel from a place to another, bringing with them caravans of goods to sell, so not just themselves but they're able to teleport objects through the magic portals. However, building a magic portal requires time and precious gems as catalyst, so they're mostly used as a way to do commerce because it's very expensive.

Traditional Methods

There are of course more common ways to travel like boats, horses, and by foot!

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