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Trexilla - Demon Goddess of Freedom

Trexilla the Never Bound is a seldom worshipped demonic god, and yet there are many demons who consider her a model for how to live their life. Trexilla embodies the desire for freedom from any and all bonds, to be obtained at any cost. She calls no one her lord, she has no home, she owns no true possessions, she has no mate, she is utterly free. It is said that Trexilla was one of the early group of demons put forward to be the Goddess of Demons. But Trexilla had no interest in the responsibility of the position. When Morax eventually won her seat, she tried to capture her potential rival. No matter what trap she laid, or what bindings she used, she could never capture Trexilla. Frustrated, Morax placed a bounty on Trexilla’s head. Any demon who could capture and chain the wandering soul would win a seat at Morax’s right hand, sharing the power of the leader of the Demon Gods. Some say the bounty still stands, and so even today there are demons who try to hunt for Trexilla to win the promised power.

For her part, Trexilla does not espouse a particular philosophy beyond striving for complete freedom. She does not advocate the breaking of bonds, simply that they not be formed in the first place. She does as she wishes, when she wishes because she accepts no bonds of responsibility not to. To mortals she is known as an oathbreaker, and inconstant. Demons know the truth. You cannot break a chain that was never linked in the first place. Trexilla does generally frown on incarceration. She knows that not everyone can be –as- free as her, but to be too tied down is anathema to her very core. She will sometimes free those who have been imprisoned, if the whim takes her and she is nearby. Some say she will answer prayers, but no one who truly follows her believes it.

Those who look to Trexilla as their example are generally considered flighty. There are none who can perfectly emulate her detachment from all things and so sometimes chains are broken in her name. Still, living one’s life on Trexilla’s path is considered difficult and loftier than the more base goals that demons are generally known for.

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