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Triberg is one of the most prosperous, influential cities in Aravorn. Numerous people come there to seek there fortune.


[edit] Government

Triberg is ruled by the monarchy of Aravorn. During the time of Spirited Heart, a King rules the throne of Aravorn. However, at the city level, there are a large number of nobles, guilds, and other groups which may claim control.

[edit] Population

As befits a cosmopolitan city, a great number of races live in Triberg in relative peace. Humans are still the largest portion of the populace, but one can find significant numbers of elves, demons, and other peoples.

As large as Triberg is, its areas are split into several distinct regions.

[edit] Education

The residents of Triberg are experiencing an age of learning. The King of Aravorn subsidizes students in a drive to raise the general standard of education.

[edit] Religion

As the meeting point for a good number of races, it stands to reason that a good number of gods and goddesses are worshipped in Triberg. One aspect of this is that there appears to be tolerance for the beliefs of others, though people take a dim view of witches.

[edit] Trade

Triberg's numerous farms, smithies, and merchants help make the city wealthy, and ample opportunities for employment.

[edit] Views on Magic

As with many other societies in Aravorn, magic is a respected force, and wizards make a good living. However, there is little tolerance for the darker arts such as necromancy or witchcraft.

Triberg harbors the King's Royal Laboratory. It is an institution devoted to pure research. Individuals employed there are forbidden contact with the outside world from fear of contaminating the research.

[edit] Threats

Triberg is not without its own threats. Prosperity bring its own dangers. There is an organized criminal element within the city's confines, and some of the guards are less than honest.

Care must be taken when visiting the cemetery as well for the undead have occasionally attacked the living.

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