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Truth Temple
Located at the very top of Mount Kronos, this is the home of the Disciples of Truth. It is described as a glorious temple covered in snow.

Mount Kronos has an abundance of undead, and the Temple of Truth stands as the main reason they haven't flooded the world. This is especially true as a large number of dead were buried in its many caves after the first great war with Fost (The Old War]].

The leader of the monks is also know as the Master of Truth.

The first Master of Truth was the husband of the goddess Irijo.


[edit] Doctrines

  • The primary tenet is an oath all monks swear upon entering the service of Irijo: they dedicate themselves to cleansing the world of evil.
  • The monks are bound to the mountain until the last of the rising dead have been cleansed.
  • Good lies within reality, not the fantasy of lies. Only when one is unclouded, and sees what is before them as it truly is can one find good or evil. Without Truth, everything is evil.
  • Monks take a vow of celibacy.
  • Disciples of Truth must combat the undead when they may safely do so. This isn't a requirement, but a service they provide. Only through selflessness and hard work, do the Disciples become better devotees.
  • Truth came first, and then the Goddess.

[edit] History

[edit] Challenges

While at the Temple of Truth, one may engage Sauzer and his monks in martial practice.

[edit] Luminaries

Still a WIP

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