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Unarmed fighters are the rarest of warriors in Aravorn, but among the deadliest. With the proper training, their entire body can become a weapon of mass destruction. Garbed in only cloth or light armors, the Unarmed rely on their agility and dexterity to dodge, parry, and counter attack enemy attacks.

Some of the abilities Unarmed fighters may develop with the proper training include:

  • Riposte (Parries an enemy's attack, and has a chance of delivering a counter-attack as well).
  • Dragon Kick (The Unarmed unleashes a devastating kick on a foe which has a chance of paralyzing him).
  • Lightening Reflexes (The Unarmed unleashes a burst of speed which allows him to avoid an enemy's attack. Even if hit, the movement does increase the character's resistance to damage.)
  • Eagle Strike (Attacks a foe twice in one round for greater damage, and has a chance of Slowing him).
  • Parry (Increases the chance of the Unarmed fighter to parry an enemy's attack).

[edit] Prominent Unarmed


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