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This page is under construction and may change as values and nomenclature are finalized.

[edit] Measurements of time

1 Day = From one Sunrise to the next

1 Hour = 1/20th of a day

1 Tenday = 10 days

1 Quarter Season = 25 days

1 Half Season = 50 days

1 Three-Quarter Season = 75 days (Also called a Bell Season, colloquially)

1 Season = 100 days

1 Year = 4 Seasons

The orbit of Aravorn plots a very convenient time. Sorcerers interested in the cosmos have determined the current calendar based around that time-frame. Every 150 years, there is a leap day, to account for small variances.

[edit] Measurements of distance

1 Pace = 30 cm (this was originally measured as the distance an average man can stride in one pace. It has since been standardized, and is now equal to the 30cm listed).

1 Tenpace = 300 cm

1 Hundredpace=3000 cm (1 Hundredpace is sometimes colloquially known as a "Long Pace". ex: "Oh, you'll find that farm about a long pace north of here")

1 Thousandpace=30000 cm (Commonly referred to as a Thope.)

Centimeter lengths given for real world comparison. Aravorn does not use centimeters. Tenpace is generally only used for distances over 20 paces, and below 100 paces (a hundredpace). Remainders can be given using the "and" conjoiner. ex: "That's about 4 and 7 tenpaces north of here."

Hundredpaces, due to the way it sounds, are almost never used in conversation. For example, someone will be far more likely to say "That's 300 paces away", than "That's 3 hundredpaces away". The two distances are equivalent. There are some movements in mathematician circles to come up with a different name for the hundredpace to avoid this situation, but it has yet to catch on.

The Thousandpace had a similar issue to the hundredpace, however the adoption of "thope" has staved off confusion.

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