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The mythology of the Elven Forest, or The Weald, stretches back to the Old Age when the Death Knights ruled. The first druid, commonly called Mother Nature, cried and her tears turned into seeds. She mourned the scorched land so much that her tears covered all of Aravorn, bringing green back into the world. She was killed by a Death Knight on the spot that GrandTree now stands. A single sapling rose from her grave, and it was from that tree that the druids came to be. The tree would turn into a forest over time and a population would find refuge in them. These people became what is now the elves, adapting to forest life so completely that their affinity for nature has become who they are.

The Elven Forest is certainly capable of acting in its own defense. When war erupted between the elves and humans, the Weald could recognize any human and destroy them. This naturally gives the Elves an edge while on their home-ground as the very forest seeks to defend them.

There are some who say that the Weald is even older than the Old Age. That Mother Nature's martyrdom simply brought her into contact with the force of the Weald that she had already worshipped. For the elves, the Weald and Mother Nature are interchangeable forces.

(Original Source: the most excellent Aleema from the forum)

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